Brad Willard

I've spent time running in all sorts of directions. Partially trying to define myself, but more just chasing my brain's desires. Professionally I suppose I'm a software engineer but really I love building interesting things and software is just a medium. I try to bring a lot to the table: creativity, design sensibility, artistic inspiration, in addition to technical expertise.

You could say I have lots of hobbies, but they are really more than hobbies to me, it's craft and the making or performing of something. I never really thought I'd find myself in 2012 with 3 film cameras, a freezer full of expired film, two dalmatians, biking everywhere I can, and coming home each day to an apartment of instruments. I also never thought I could sing, let alone perform; but I've surprised myself.

What's important is that I do things because I love them and they are worth doing and not for any other reason. They have already taken me interesting places and challenged me, and I've been enjoying the journey. It may look like I'm going in different directions at times but I feel like I'm on a path.



Software Engineer
Brooklyn, NY 


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